SEO Content Writing

Content Writing

Helping prospects

Content Writing – or writing informative articles – is part of Content Marketing.

With Content Marketing you create customers by helping your prospects. And you help by sharing your knowledge in your field. That way, the prospects appreciate you and reward you for that by becoming a customer.

No push, but pull

Let it write

You should have content written because you are too driven by sales. You also know too much about your products or services. And you always have the tendency to want to push the information about how good your products are down the throats of your prospects, and then they... drop out. 


Content Marketing is just the opposite. No push, but pull.

SEO Content Writing

Search Engines

'SEO' refers to search engine optimization, or the process of optimizing a website so that people can easily find it through search engines such as Google.

By 'content' we mean all information that lives on the internet and can be found on the internet. 

So 'SEO Content' is information that has been created so that your website can be found even better.


Step by step

Bepalen van het thema

of the content

Verzamelen van de content

using a checklist.

We schrijven het blogartikel

in your name.

We publiceren je blogartikel

on your website.

Our standard formulas

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per blog article

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