Self-publishing a book can be done

in one, two, three

Do you want to write your own book? Or have you already written one and would like to publish it, but don't know how to get started?

Well, then ERA can help you.

Publish the book yourself or have it published

Make your choice

Traditional offset printers print hundreds of books at once. The disadvantage of this is that your investment costs are very high because you immediately have to pay for hundreds of books.


With self-publishing you publish your book yourself. This is digitally printed in small numbers or even individually. Here you have everything in your own hands but you have to do everything yourself.



  • Corrections happen for you
  • Promotion is done by the publisher
  • The layout and cover are professionally designed


  • High start-up cost
  • Le manuscrit doit être approuvé en premier
  • Processus long (de corrections, ajustements,…)
  • No/little participation in the design
  • The publisher is the owner of your book
  • Storage required for all printed books 
  • Loss of profit

Self publishing


  • No start-up costs
  • Your book can be put online immediately
  • No investment
  • Own layout and cover design
  • Easy to release new versions
  • Easy to reorder books
  • Choose your own royalties (earning more)



  • You have to make corrections yourself
  • You have to promote your book yourself
  • No sale in the traditional bookstore
We helpen je op maat bij het uitgeven van

your book

If you choose to publish your book yourself, ERA can support you with all the steps:

  • final editing
  • photography
  • lay-out
  • cover design
  • request ISBN
  • promotion of your book

Step by step

Forwarding book

You send us your book in PDF.


We read your book and give our professional feedback.


We helpen je na aanvaarding van onze offerte.